The Kraus-Anderson Walleye Classic will be held on Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 7:00 AM (CDT) to 4:00 PM (CDT). The fishing tournament is an event of the Kraus-Anderson Community Foundation, and has been authorized and permitted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. All participants must comply with all terms and conditions of the permit. A copy of the permit is available upon request. All participants must comply with all Minnesota boating and fishing laws and regulations, as well as the following tournament rules:

1. The Kraus-Anderson Walleye Classic is restricted to Lake Bemidji and Lake Irving. Tournament weigh-in will be located at the south end of Lake Bemidji next to the Hampton Inn & Suites.

2. Winners will be determined by total weight of up to five (5) walleyes caught by a team within the tournament time. A qualifying team’s catch will be weighed and recorded by the tournament judges at the tournament weigh-in site when each team returns. The total registered weight of each qualifying team’s catch will be ranked in relation to the total registered weight of the catch of each of the other qualifying teams. The team with the highest total registered weight will be ranked number 1 and declared the winner of the first (1st) place prize. The team with the second highest total registered weight will be ranked number 2 and will be declared the winner of second (2nd) place prize, and so on. The teams ranked in the first fifteen (15) places will be awarded cash prizes as specified on the prize list. Additional prizes may be awarded to teams below the rank of 15, if prizes are available.

3. A team must have two (2) persons and must fish from the same boat. One (1) team per boat. Entry fee per team is $480.00. Each team member must sign an official entry form in order to participate in the tournament.

4. Rules & registration meeting is 2:00 PM sharp, June 12, 2015 at the Hampton Inn and Suites South Shore Conference Center, Bemidji, MN.

5. One team member of each team must attend rules meeting; both are encouraged.

6. Fishing hours will be flighted by a random drawing at the rules meeting.

7. Teams 1-100 will depart in numerical order starting at 7:00 AM on June13, 2015. Teams 1-33 will return at 3:30 PM. Teams 34-66 will return at 3:45 PM and Teams 67-100 will return at 4:00 PM.

8. One team member of each team must wear the official participant hat during the tournament.

9. All boats must be checked in by a tournament official before the start of the tournament at tournament headquarters.

10. All storage compartments and livewells must be accessible to tournament officials prior to tournament start.

11. All boats must depart from official tournament headquarters at designated flight time in numerical order. Boats will take off one by one and will receive the “go ahead” from the start boat.

12. Five (5) walleye per day per 2-person team. No walleye less than 14 inches will be weighed. No more than two (2) walleye over 20 inches will be allowed per 2-person team. If more than two (2) walleye are brought to scale that exceed 20 inches, the team is disqualified.

13. The longest straight-line measurement, using closed mouth, and pinched tail will be used to determine length.

No pre-fishing after 12:00 PM on Friday June 12, 2015 is allowed and no fishing may start until after 7:00 AM on June 13, 2015.

15. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed during tournament hours.

16. No marine radio, cell phones, or other electronic communication is allowed during tournament hours except for emergency. Official marine band channel #68.

17. At no time during tournament hours is a contestant to leave their boat unless you return to tournament headquarters and permission is granted by a tournament official. Use safe judgment during inclement weather. If there is a need to clear the lake, the fishing tournament will resume when the tournament director deems the lake safe. All fish will be weighed.

18. When returning at your scheduled time, each boat must pass in front of the start/finish boat and display your boat number to the start/finish boat to signify you are in. Check-in is mandatory, fish or no fish!

19. If you are up to 15 minutes late, you will be penalized 50% of your weight. After 15 minutes, your fish will not be weighed.

20. Only fish brought to scale in official fish basket will be weighed. Fish left in boat cannot be retrieved. Fish may not be on a stringer.

21. A protest of any kind must be filed with the tournament director before the weigh-in is completed. A $200.00 fee is required: refunded if found to be valid. A protest committee will consist of two (2) tournament officials and three (3) randomly selected contestants. The committee findings are final. If the committee recommends a polygraph test, monies will be withheld until the results of the polygraph test are known.

22. The violation of any rule, as determined by the judges in their sole discretion, shall result in automatic disqualification from the tournament and ineligibility for prizes or awards. All judges’ decision will be final and may not be challenged.

23. All contestants competing in this event are expected to act in a sportsman like manner at all times towards non-competitors and competitors alike. Violators of this rule will be disqualified.

24. Promoters, tournament directors, organizations, and sponsors are not responsible for death, injury, damage, liability, theft, fire, or loss of any kind to entrants.

25. The Kraus-Anderson Walleye Classic reserves the right to refuse entry to any individuals who have been barred or disqualified from any tournament for rules violations.

26. Failure to return assigned boat number card may result in disqualification from the Kraus-Anderson Walleye Classic.

27. No underwater cameras will be allowed during tournament hours.

28. In the event of a tie, teams with equal weights will combine the resulting place prizes to be split equally between the tying teams. In the event of a first-place tie, co-champions will be crowned.