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Our goals for your web site

Red Dot Technologies creates web sites based on quality. The process of creating your web site will go at the pace you are comfortable with. We will not rush to finish your web site. We will take the time necessary to insure that the best quality web site is produced.

Another important goal for Red Dot Technologies is to make your experience with the Internet simple. We take care of design, domain name registration, and web hosting. There will be nothing for you to worry about after your site is complete.


After your web site is completed it will be installed on one of our servers based on the hosting plan you decide. If you need a domain name ( registered, we will do that for no additional charge. When the web site is finally up and running on our web server, we will take extreme precautions to ensure that there is minimal downtime. However, even though these precautions are taken, we do not guarantee uptime of our servers, and hold no liability for loss of business, income, or web-traffic due to server downtime.


"We are living in a wired world, 

Red Dot Technologies connects you."   


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